New Surfboard

So I guess it’s new in an old sort of way. We’re kind of jimmy rigging it. Poplar instead of Paulonia. But thanks fo Zach and Mark (mostly Mark), the blank is glued up, and the outline is cut. Sand paper, anyone?

Step One: Get a few pieces of wood glued together and hold them up to try and look old school…

Ross Garrett holding Alaia Blank

Step two: lay the blank on the ground and look at it. Maybe draw your outline.

Alaia blank on the ground

Step Three: Cut outline (wear your protection… safety first!)

Step Four: sand…. alot
Mark Sanding

Step Five: put your boards against a wall in the garage and go… damn, we’re so old school!
Three board Alaia quiver

Steps six and beyond coming next…. and of course, most challenging of all… surfing your alaia…

Stay tuned.

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One response to “New Surfboard

  1. Is that some kind of retro fish?

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